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Elokenz is a content marketing distribution platform that allows you to republish your top-performing contents in various social channels of your choosing to help you generate more leads and customers. The platform also allows you to publish several variations of your article as well as provide you with intuitive reports to make it easier to keep track of what type of content works best for you and which ones generate more leads.
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If you are looking for a tool that can help you achieve higher conversion rates, better ROI, and lower CPA with the best features, then Instapage is the one you’re looking for. Instapage is the world’s first Post-Click Automation solution that provides services that can make your company grow faster with its Scalable Page Creation, Ad-to-page Personalization, Page Experimentation, and Lightning-Fast Page Speed features. You can also easily collaborate with your team members in real-time to get feedback instantly.
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Ads are awesome, but sometimes they do not generate the best results. Sometimes the best solution is to engage with your customers better, and what better tool to use for that than Outgrow? Interactive content gives your visitors more value. As a result, conversion rate skyrockets, bounce rate is reduced, and increases referral traffic as well as share rates. Outgrow allows you to engage with your customers on a psychological level with quizzes, provide them with personalized answers with calculators, and boost your branding as calculators and quizzes tend to go viral.
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ProductionCrate is an archive of high-quality production assets such as SFX, VFX, original music, and many others. Instead of having to craft your own production assets, ProductionCrate has everything you need to help you save time, accomplish more, and produce professional work – whether it be transitions, 3D objects, backgrounds, textures, etc. The site also has a forum section that allows you to join contents, showcase your work, and interact with other people that share the same interests as you.
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If you’re looking to launch your dropshipping business on WooCommerce or Shopify, check out Spocket. This dropshipping app allows you to kickstart your business with just a few clicks and start selling products. Most drop shipping apps you can find focus on products from AliExpress, but Spocket focuses on products from suppliers from the US, UK, EU, and some suppliers based in Australia and New Zealand. Plus, if quality control is important for you, you can also order sample products from the suppliers on Spocket. Ordering sample products will also allow you to test out the speed of which the products are delivered and take your own product photos as well.
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If you’re looking into content marketing so your business can win more customers, check out the Article Writing Company. The website offers various content-writing services such as SEO Article Writing, Blog Writing, Product Description Writing, Email Copywriting, Website Copywriting and Social Media Content Writing. The Article Writing Company understands the importance of blogs, copywriting and content in general as part of your digital marketing strategy, and so, they ensure that they deliver contents that are already to publish, submit them to you on time, as well as produce persuasive content that appeals to your followers and readers.

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Bambee is an HR software that helps your business, whether big or small, to establish your HR policies, manage terminations and onboardings, keep your business compliant with the relevant labor laws and regulations, and many others. Once you join Bambee, you get assigned and have unlimited access to an HR manager through the in-app chat feature, email, and calls. The HR manager also audits your company processes and ensures that your company is compliant with federal and state laws.

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Bookmark is website-builder that gives you the capability to create high quality, professional-looking websites to help you showcase your business’ products and/or services better. Moreover, the platform’s AI called AiDA, also saves you time and money by allowing you to create website in just a matter of minutes even without any technical skills or the need to hire professional web designers. Through Bookmark, you can now establish your online presence and grow your revenue by building eCommerce stores!

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If you have an accounting firm or if your business is in need of a bookkeeper, better check out Botkeeper. The platform offers high-quality bookkeeping services that use machine learning technology, human-assisted AI, and exceptional accountants to generate and analyze your financials for you. Botkeeper also provides a powerful software that helps you in other aspects of your business to eliminate the need to worry about recruitment, interviews, payroll taxes, sick time, vacations, and even fraud risks. In short, it basically offers everything you need for bookkeeping without actually having to do it yourself.

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Nowadays, more and more businesses are using hiring tools to make the process easier. Although building a great team is still relatively hard, utilizing a hiring tool should not be. Breezy HR is a recruiting software that gives you the power to hire the best employees without giving it that much effort. Breezy HR has features that allow you to send automated emails, SMS, and scheduling, as well as provide you with analytics & reports, collaborate with your team, and advertise job openings in your company.

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Are you tired of using spreadsheets to keep track of your employees’ attendance, overtime, and time-offs? Buddy Punch got your back. Keep track of your employees’ time in real-time without the need for spreadsheets, computations. The platform provides detailed, easy-to-understand reports, allows you to manage remote teams, and Improves your payroll process by integrating Buddy Punch with the payroll software of your choice. The platform is really easy to use and if you want to make your and your employees’ work life a lot easier, it’s definitely worth checking this out.

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Abandoned shopping carts are always a huge problem for e-commerce sites. Not to mention that about 68 percent of their customers abandon their shopping carts. But, what if you can turn at least 20 percent of those abandoned shopping carts into sales? Carts Guru has created a multi-channel all-in-one platform that allows you to retarget your visitors through email and text, as well as target unidentified shopping carts by sending personalized messages through Facebook Messenger. Carts Guru can also create personalized coupon codes and attaches them to checkout screens to increase your conversion rate by 25 percent

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If you need help in your product development cycle, particularly in enhancing your DevOps and platform capabilities, Caylent can do that for you. Caylent can assist you throughout your DevOps journey – from containerization to deploying your infrastructure as code, Orchestrations & Application definition, Ci/CD, Security, to Observability & monitoring. The platform offers a team of expert engineers with years of experience to handle DevOps for you can keep your developers happy as well as allow you and your team to focus on stuff that are more important.

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Presentation is one of the essential factors to making more closed deals. CrankWheel is a screen sharing platform that prides itself in having a no-hassle, simple and fast screen sharing application. Having been custom-made for sales professionals, you can easily schedule and engage with your clients in a meeting with no complicated installs and meeting links. You can also grant your viewers remote control of your screen without any preparation or download on their end, even if they are on mobile.

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Credit Repair Cloud is a business solution that gives you everything you need to launch, manage, and grow a recurring-revenue, scalable, credit repair business – all in a single platform. Credit Repair Cloud has already taught thousands and thousands of people with zero experience to launch a credit repair business or add the service to their businesses. The platform also provides the tools you need to be able to quickly raise your clients’ credit scores, import credit reports, as well as generate audit reports and generate dispute letters in a matter of seconds.

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CrowdFire is a Social Media Management platform that allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one place. It features give you the ability to discover, collect, and organize articles online to help you create relevant and engaging content for your viewers. The tool also allows you to connect your social media accounts to your Shopify or Etsy store as well as your WordPress, Medium, and YouTube account so that you can schedule announcements whenever you have a new blog, videos, or products in your store or website. CrowdFire also provides comprehensive reports to keep track of your social accounts’ performance and a “Mentions” dashboard so you are aware whenever a follower mentions your business. The dashboard also gives you the ability to reply instantly to keep your followers engaged.

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Findify is an AI-powered product personalization and site search tool that can help you generate more sales by analyzing a visitor’s behavior and search history. The tool changes how your store displays your products to give each shopper a personalized view of your store to help them easily find the products that fit what they want the most. Findify provides other awesome features such as real-time personalized site search, real-time personalized recommendations, auto-complete product matches & suggestions, spelling error tolerance, and smart collections that ultimately gives visitors a good shopping experience and drives them to buy more. The platform also offers merchandising and analytics tools to help you identify business opportunities you wouldn’t have known!

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If you often find yourself struggling to organize or focus on your tasks, Focuster can help you with that. The app allows you to automatically schedule your to-do list and syncs them with your calendar across all your devices to help you regain your focus. To use the app, all you have to do is write down your goals, rank your tasks according to priority, indicate an estimate of how long each task would take to complete, and you’re good to go! The app also understands that having just the right amount of tasks in a day is important. So, the app also notifies you when you’ve overloaded your day to prevent overwhelming yourself. Furthermore, Focuster also automatically reschedules your tasks and allows you to easily visualize your progress.

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Interacting with your clients plays a huge role in closing sales as well as keeping customers happy and loyal to your business. But, what if you could take it a step further? Freshchat, a customer messaging software, allows you to do just that. Now, you can engage with your audience wherever they are – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, mobile, web, and many more! The software also uses AI and machine learning technology that can detect your customers’ intent and can provide quick resolutions. Furthermore, Freshchat also analyzes your customers’ actions and behavior so that you can run highly-targeted campaigns and fast-track your sales.

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software created by Freshworks that helps you provide exceptional customer service to your customers efficiently. The software has all the basic features you need – collision detection to prevent team members from working on the same ticket, canned responses, smart notifications, and more. Additionally, Freshdesk also eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools with Freshconnect. It also allows team members to share access to tickets and link related tickets so you can resolve them faster.

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Freshservice is another cloud-based software created by Freshworks. This ITSM software can help you with Incident Management, SLA Management, Automations & AI/ML, IT project management, IT Asset Management, and many others. With Freshservice, you can now provide a consistent service experience across different departments of your business from IT to HR, Legal, Travel, and more. You can also become more efficient in accomplishing routine, repetitive tasks through the help of automation and AI. Overall, Freshservice is a good investment if you’re looking for something that will allow you to focus on more important stuff so you can start scaling your business.

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Freshteam by Freshworks is an HR software specially designed for growing businesses. Freshteam saves you time in your hiring and onboarding process, as well as in managing your employees’ time off and employee data. The software includes an Applicant tracking feature that can help you find, interview and hire candidates. It also has an Onboarding and offboarding feature that provides a checklist that lists the tasks required of each employee as well as send your stakeholders reminders to keep them updated and informed. Moreover, to complete the package, Freshteam also provides an HR information feature to help you keep track of all employee information, set up permissions for easy collaboration, and more.

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If you are looking for guidance on how to grow and be successful in your business, we found the best place to help you out. Global Leaders Organization is more than just a platform, rather, it is a community where you can connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas, and raise your capital with the help of key market leaders. The platform is the best place to enjoy exclusive access to the top market leaders who have records of over-the-top-success that are focused on specific industries, demographics, and influence.

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Did you know that merchants who sell on more than 3 channels sell 156% more? So, if you’re planning on doing just that, GoDaddy’s Sellbrite can help you. The platform offers one-click integrations with a variety of channels including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more so you can easily list your inventory and reach more customers. Sellbrite understands you want to grow your business, so it includes everything you need including the Inventory Sync feature that automatically syncs your inventory across all the channels you sell on to avoid overselling and an Order Fulfillment service that allows you to ship orders from a single interface.

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If you’re looking to offer a lead magnet, make announcements, collect email addresses and more, Hello Bar & Subscribers is the best way to do so. The platform allows you to place hello bars, sliders, alert bells, and many others to help you convey your message to your online visitors. Hello Bar & Subscribers also gives you the ability to do A/B testing, targeting, and create a customized Thank You page to test and personalize your campaigns. Furthermore, you can also integrate the software with the email provider of your choosing to drive even more conversions!

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Hippo Video is a video personalization and creation platform that allows you to create videos most especially for landing pages, marketing videos, lead generation forms, and others. Its features include video creation that gives you the ability to annotate your screen recordings, create videos from stock images and create videos within Gmail, Zendesk, and more! The platform also offers an editing feature where you can trim, cut, blur your videos as well as add text, emojis, and voice overs to your videos. Moreover, Hippo Video also gives you the ability to customize your website’s video player, add CTAs and links in your videos, and it even provides you with analytics report to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Hive is a project management software that allows you to manage teams from anywhere. With this software, you can make you and your team members’ lives easier. Hive provides different project layouts such as a Kanban board and a Gantt chart to help you visualize your projects easier. Additionally, The software also allows you to create automated workflows, create summary views, and create action templates to save time and allow you to focus on more important work.

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In this age of computers, social media presence is just as important– if not more important– as traditional advertising. With Iconosquare’s insightful and easy to understand data-directed analytics, you not only optimize your brand awareness by understanding and identifying your audience, reach, and performance, but also stay ahead of your competitors by comparing yours and your competitor’s benchmarks. You can also save your time for growing your business and make sure that your posts reach your audience at the right time because of their powerful post scheduler.

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Do you find yourself always tired and out of focus? Do you feel like you just need that extra energy to seize the day? Take 1-2 capsules of Indezone Energy whenever you need to to stimulate and improve your mental performance. Indezone Energy is one of the few natural nootropic that has an approved claim to enhance your mental performance.

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Insense is a platform that helps brands to connect with creators. The platform works by simply creating a campaign and collect responses from various creators! From there, contents you choose can be easily published through Facebook Ads using the platform’s integration feature. Insense offers a wide range of creators from many categories, content styles, and demographics. Plus, it really makes content creation a lot easier and can really save you a lot of time which makes it really perfect for small businesses or even busy marketing professionals!

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If you own a service-related business, Jobber is a worth looking into. It is an online field service management software especially designed to help you expand the capabilities of your small businesses. Managing your clients becomes easier with the use of its features such as online booking and job checklists. It is also easy for your clients to communicate their concerns with you by its Client Hub and Client Notofication features. Growing and managing your business is just as easy. Its features allows you to keep track of which invoice have already received payments as well as determine faster who among your technicians is more suitable to dispatch to a particular client or job request. Features allowing you to Keep records of purchases, expenses and receipts gives you complete control and become updated with the status of your projects.

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It might be hard to keep track of the workflows and inventory when growing your own business. Katana – Smart Workshop Software makes this complicated task easier by introducing a simple visual interface where you can track everything from purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing of operations, keeping inventories and calculating operation costs.

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Collecting more leads, guiding them through their journey to becoming loyal customers, then closing deals can be repetitive. So, why not place this process on autopilot so you can concentrate on managing your business? Infusionsoft, now rebranded as Keap, takes all of your clients’ and leads’ info in one place so you can get a bird’s-eye view on what to do next. Keap also allows you to save time on follow-ups and consistently close more deals with its pre-built reminders, automated emails and texts.

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It is important that you reach the right people to sell your products. Leadfeeder offers a tools that can help you with lead generation, account based marketing, website visitor tracking, and sales prospecting that can identify potential clients for you, track what they do in your site, and analyze the collected data to yield quality contact leads.

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to host small group meetings or large web conferences, Livestorm is for you. Livestorm is an online-based conference software which eliminates the compatibility issues and the complicated steps of installing software. With the real-time interactions like chats, polls, questions and HD screen sharing, you can connect more to your audience and make your conferences engaging.

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You don’t need to cash out tons of money on a designer to create your business logo. You can become the designer himself! LogotypeMaker allows you to create your very own professional logo in the fastest way possible by having loads of templates to choose from and their easy yo use logo editor.

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Melio is a payment service provider for small-sized business owners. Users find it easy for them to pay using Melio in terms of online banking or bank transfer. A lot of users who pay vendors recommend Melio because its booking and paying tools make it suitable and convenient for them on their own schedules.

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 Miro works as a digital collaborative whiteboard platform designed for distributed teams who want to work together in an efficient and convenient way. It works perfectly in bringing teams closer when planning, conceptualizing, conducting workshops. Miro works coherently with known companies like Google, Tello, Slack, Box, and a lot more. It is made available for global companies and you can access it in your browser using your personal desktop, IOS or Apple devices.

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NapoleonCat is a content creation and publishing platform devised for marketing and business sectors. These sectors are able to boost and manage their multiple social media accounts in one social media network or link. Users may generate automated messages that NapoleonCat publishes to easily respond to customers’ queries. There are sufficient and quality tools that NapoleonCat provides businesses to monitor and evaluate their program with competitors and
business principles.

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Needls is a web analytics software that delivers insightful data on the best way to build your audience. Based on your Google analytics, they match different data segments and run simulations to construct an ad that would give you the most conversion principles.

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Nest Wealth is a wealth management tool that helps advisors and management agencies work operationally on investments to any investors. It’s the only Canadian-based investing service that is affordable, clear, and has a pre-designed wealth management tool, specifically the Nest Wealth Plus, that is also made available for independent investors so they can work smart and efficiently. Your account can even grow largely for as low as $20 per month and are limited to $80 per month.

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Opencare is one of the first dental care companies to land on the digital industry as a vehicle between health providers and patients. It makes it convenient and accessible for patients who want to book and experience quality dental health care through their personalized search and easy booking system. You will never be experiencing hassles and delays because OpenCare is prompt in updating its clients through service-related emails and updates, appointment reminders, and booking confirmation.

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Ownr brings starting business owners to a simple yet different level of experience in setting up a business. In Ownr, you are privileged to set up and launch a business using their platform, customized and free branding tools, but still pay them less than what you pay in legal firms. More than that, your opportunity to build and launch your business won’t take you long when you set it up with Ownr.

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Packhelp is a leading packaging company that is available for business owners who want to grow and design their brands with aesthetic packaging and custom boxes in a web browser. Packhelp is trusted by known brands such as H&M, Google, Wrangler, Uber, and a lot more because of its advanced and user friendly technologies that is attainable to small to medium sized businesses. Visitors can view ample of features found on the page such as reading inspiring stories, walking through their design showcase, and getting a quote.

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Pastel is a perfect gateway for web developers and designers to work in collaboration. Connect flawlessly and gather up authentic and functionable feedback with Pastel to resolve issues and concerns, so you can get more project approvals!

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Looking for a unique gift for your loved ones? Know someone who would love a personalized pillow with a picture of their pets? Check out PawJoy, a creator of personalized, custom-shaped dog, cat, and even human pillows that you can order for yourself, your friends, or loved ones! They also make delightful customized necklaces and keychains that you will surely enjoy!

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Paymo is an all-in-one online work management software that includes features such as time tracking, resource planning, invoice creation, and more. The software can even make managing a remote team, collaboration and task management a lot easier through features that provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your team’s projects as well as neatly organize each member’s tasks. Furthermore, Paymo also gives you an overview of your company’s schedule to reduce underbooking and overbooking.

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PixelMe is a link management platform that can transform your links into brand assets. The platform offers solutions to help your business grow with tools for audience building and marketing that allows you not only to customize and shorten your links, but add tracking pixels in them as well. PixelMe also provides you with analytics reports so you can easily keep track of how your links are performing and formulate data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns.

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If you’re having trouble managing your teams, then Process Street is a software that is definitely worth looking into. The workflow management software provides you with tools that saves you time by allowing you to create documents, streamline authorizations, and integrate with other tools you use in a few clicks. Process Street also makes team collaboration easier with features such as conditional logic to create dynamic checklists and workflow assignment that notifies you whenever a task is done.

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Promo is a marketing video maker where you can make high quality and professional video ads for various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The tool also allows you to create explainer videos, events advertisements, intro videos, and many others! You can either use Promo to host your videos or download videos you made, and you can use it however you want forever – even after your subscription expires.

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Having Proof for website personalization makes your campaign gratifying and persuasive for every visitor. Proof established products like Experience and Pulse to improve customer experience and therefore increase your conversion rate.

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If you’re either an influencer or a brand that is looking to work with influencers, check out Publicfast. The platform connects thousands of influencers and brands with each other so they can work together on marketing campaigns. For influencers, Publicfast allows influencers to be discovered and makes sending them products for review a lot easier. On the other hand, businesses are given the ability to launch campaigns and accurately target audiences all in a single place.

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Manage and track your business finances through Quickbook, a financial software that supports small business set-ups. Quickbook is dedicated to working and making things possible for you and your finances. It provides strategic solutions that can help you boost and prosper in your own choice of business.

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Hiring employees is not something you take lightly. You need to hire the best people that can help your business grow and provide the best customer service your company can offer. But, this task should not take much of your time. Thanks to Recruitee, this has become possible. This talent acquisition platform offers a lot of features that can help you attract the best people to apply for your company while saving a lot of time with its automation features. But it doesn’t end there. Recruitee also allows you to make the best decisions for the future with its Predict feature!

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If you have a small to medium-sized business and require communicating with your leads, prospects, and even your team at scale as well as consistently, Reply would be a good place to start. Reply gives you the capability to continue your conversations with your potential clients, put your outbound outreach on autopilot to substantially increase your sales, reach out to your target audience, and collaborate with your team. All these while keeping your conversations 100 percent personal. Reply also offers in-depth campaign stats to make sure you are ahead of the game.

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Revealbot is an ad management platform to save you time managing your ads by automating your campaigns for Google, Facebook, and Snapchat in a single interface. The platform offers features that allow you to create custom metrics, compare ad campaigns, implement bulk actions, and more.

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As a marketer, determining which of your advertising sources generate calls to the business is a must. Which is why you will most likely need a call tracking and call analytics platform such as Ringostat up your sleeve to get you ahead of the game. Designed to easily adapt to any kind of business, Ringostat will surely be the right tools to get your business going as it can be configure to fit your workflow best. And as far as analytics go, Ringostat also gives you detailed data sets with up to 32 parameters.

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Shorby is a link management software specifically designed for Instagram and YouTube. The tool optimizes your social media links in stories, posts, and bio to help you drive more traffic into your website and other social media channels. Shorby also gives you the ability to shorten your link and use those links to retarget audiences and drive more sales for your business.

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Sales Handy is an email management software that is great for marketers, recruiters, realtors, freelancers, and other professionals. The software offers various features such as email tracking, email templates, email campaign, and auto-follow up to help you keep track of how often your recipients open your emails as well as help you save time by composing personalized email in a few clicks, and sending emails at specific times of the day.

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If you need a CRM that is dedicated for small businesses selling B2B, Saleflare would be the right choice for you. You can stop worrying about filling out email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and postal addresses as Salesflare automatically does the data input for you. It also automatically connects your calendar and mobile phone so you can easily log your meetings and phone calls while on the go. With this, you can definitely save time from data entry to focus on selling and growing your business.

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Swiftly sell digital products on your own website with the help of Sellfy. With its keen and effective marketing tools, you can absolutely build up your sales and products using different media platforms.

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If you’re a big fan of Google and of multiple platforms, Shift is a perfect recommendation you get. Internet users who are using multiple Gmail or any social media accounts in multiple tabs can be way more productive when using Shift because it has come up with a single, speedy, and accessible desktop application. You can definitely have the best experience when streamlining everything or even working in collaboration with your team.

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Designed for e-commerce and retail brands, ShopMessage, a marketing automation platform for Facebook Messenger, lets you start conversations with visitors of your page to drive millions in revenue. Rather than bombarding your clients with tons of emails, why not have a conversation with each individual customer? One of ShopMessage’s feature, Flow, allows you to automatically send tailored messages to your visitors based on their activity such as abandoned carts, welcome series, and back in stock notifications.

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Gathering, measuring, analyzing, and acting on customer feedback is crucial in making sure your business provides the best customer service to your customers. SightMill, a net promoter score survey software allows you to do all these, plus more. Reach out to your clients effectively using surveys delivered via email, SMS, within your website and at events. The software also allows you to share the feedback with your team members in real-time so they can react quickly and improve your customers’ experience.

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As a startup, there is no doubt that you will be needing to create a presentation sooner or later. It could be for your products or a Pitch Deck. Slidebean, a presentation tool powered by artificial intelligence, is here to help you save time while still keeping your presentations’ design look professional, readable, and have an aesthetic appeal, all in less than 0.97 seconds! With its efficient, creative, and time-saving design, beginner and intermediate-level presentation builders alike are going to enjoy using this tool.

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SocialBee is a social media management tool that aims to help you collect more leads through your social media channels without spending more time doing so. The platform enables you to schedule evergreen posts, share expiring posts (usually for events), bulk edit your posts, and many other features. Moreover, you can even manage all your social media and marketing posts from Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business, and many others all under one roof.

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Creating and distributing content should not be difficult. StoryCheif, a content management and content distrubution software, makes it possible to get everything you need to get your content marketing tasks done in one place so you get more traction with less work. Using this tool can get you up to ten times more leads, 6 hours worth of time saved on approval, collaboration, and distribution of your content, and 80 percent more engagement with your leads. Streamline your content marketing and gain your clients’ trust to get more sales.

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If you wish that you could manage your customer relations within your Gmail Inbox, then Streak got your back. Streak is a CRM perfect for real estate agents, business developers, project managers, and many other professionals. With the software, you can easily transform Gmail into a fully-functional CRM so you can easily keep track of your clients. You can even collaborate with other team members even if they are not included in the email thread by granting them access to the thread and start brainstorming ideas to close more deals.

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Subbly is a software specifically designed for subscription-based business models. The software offers tools your business can use from putting up your business to growing and managing it – a website builder, creating products, accepting payments, marketing tools, marketing automations, analytics, and CRM management tools.

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Getting feedback from your clients is the best way to measure how good you’re getting at at providing customer service. Through SurveySparrow, you can now build surveys that work, share those surveys in an instant, get meaningful insights to help you get better. Also, instead of sending your customers the same email survey over and over again, SurveySparrow allows you to schedule and send surveys at regular intervals so you can focus on more important tasks and, what’s more, you can always keep your clients engaged on the go with mobile-first surveys.

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Swivle is a Digital Asset Management software that offers unlimited storage, intuitive and visual file management tools, the ability to share assets in password-protected and public portals, easy collaborations, and more through various solutions such as brand portals, sales content portals, image asset management, digital media library softwares, brand management softwares and others.

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Taskdrive is a B2B lead generation software that aims to save you time when doing lead generation tasks so you can do less on research and focus more on building relationships with leads you find. They also offer services such as Podcast booking to help you boost brand awareness and their “Clone Yourself” Growth Playbook that allows you to outsource repetitive tasks and increase your team’s productivity.

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Don’t want to deal with computing your sales tax? Are you a CFO or an in-house accountant that wish you could do your job easier? TaxJar got you covered. The software handles calculating your sales tax for you so you get to focus on growing your business. The software is AI-powered that ensures the tax calculations’ accuracy no matter where you are and what time of the year it is.

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Trainual is an onboarding, training, and SOP-focused software that makes these processes easier for your business. The software allows you to keep all your training materials in one place so you don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over, maintain the quality of your onboarding and training sessions, as well as prevent your training materials from getting lost. Furthermore, while most training platforms are targeted towards enterprises, Trainual offers pricing plans perfect for small businesses.

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Want to drive more sales and increase the conversion rate on your site? Unbounce, primarily a landing page building platform, offers other various tools to help you do just that. The platform allows you to create stunning and professional-looking landing pages, as well as templates, pop ups, and sticky bars. Unbounce also integrates with several automation and CRM tools to make tracking your performance even easier.

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UniTel Voice is a virtual phone system that allows you to use any phone as your business phone number. The software has features that allows you to record professional phone greetings, forward calls to the appropriate extensions, and choose a toll free, vanity phone number so that it perfectly matches your business.

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Manage all your listings in one software with Uplisting– a short-term rental software that allows you to automatically import your listings from Airbnb,, and other booking sites. Uplisting features a multi-calendar importing all your listings presenting them in a bird’s eye view. Moreover, they provide a unified inbox where handling guest messages can never be easier.

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Make sure to hire the best candidate for your job position with VivaHR. VivaHR is an applicant tracking system that’s fully customizable by the way you want your hiring process to be. You can work with your team to give an overall rating for each candidate profile and are saved in a database where you can refer back to anytime during the entire hiring process.

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Veem is a Comodo certified international payment platform. With the simplicity of setting up an account, you can send/receive payments in just a few clicks. They also grant you the option to track the payments in real-time so you won’t have to worry when they will arrive.

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If you are a fresh graduate or actively looking for a job, you will most likely need to create a curriculum vitae, a resume, or even cover letters. If you’re not sure how to make them, or even if you do, but want your CV to look more professional or attractive, VisualCV can help you out. VisualCV have already helped over 3.1 million people make their next career move with confidence, and you can be one of them! The platform also allows you to manage multiple resumes, track whenever an employer views or download your resume, and of course, share your resume easily with a convenient link or export them as a PDF file.

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WhoKnows is a platform that provides tools that every business owner and professional needs. The platform offers products such as Prospector for lead generation and prospecting, Enterprise for HR and team management, Recruiter for talent acquisitions, and Professional for employees, job seekers, or other professionals.

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Onboarding new employees takes up a lot of time and effort to do. Not to mention the amount of paperwork it requires. It takes a lot of time and there are tons of things that could go wrong along the way. But, fret no more, Workbright is here to help! With this HR onboarding tool up your sleeves, you can speed up the collection of your new hires’ forms and certifications, increase the accuracy of their files, reduce the number of personnel you need for HR onboarding, and above all, keep your company a happy place to work in!