Get your idea-stage business funded by the jury of investors...

with TOPONIVO’s “Startup Competition Ultimate Masterclass”

Get your idea-stage business funded by investors!

With TOPONIVO’s “Startup Competition Ultimate Masterclass”

Get the chance to turn your excellent idea into reality after gathering an outstanding team at your next startup business competition!

  • Nail each and every kind of idea stage tech and business competitions.
  • Ace your first-day pitch on your initial idea to gather the best team.
  • Assess your team members skills, knowledge and involvement to achieve the most in the limited time you have.
  • Draft the very first compelling version of your business model to get valuable feedback from mentors.
  • Handle customer exploration to identify customer segments and their respective pains to ensure product-market fit.
  • Come up with and validate a solution or Minimal Viable Product that encompass your value proposition.
  • Run a competitive analysis in your market to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Estimate the market size, your market shares, and your revenue to have the jury of investors interested in funding your business.
  • Perform an epic final day competition pitch that will move the jury and get you to the next level

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this masterclass for?

TOPONIVO’s “Startup Competition Ultimate Masterclass” is an online course specifically designed for business competitions takers. You do not have to know anything about either business pitch, business plan, buyer’s journey, Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or market size in the beginning. Those concepts and many more will gradually be explained to you in such a way that it will all make sense in no time. The knowledge you will acquire will allow you to be part of the best aspiring entrepreneurs, hackathon developers and game jam participants when you complete the course. By the end of the course, you will be able to take your own informed decisions and responsibilities when it comes to competing in an idea stage business competition. (Read our Disclaimer for more details.)

How many chapters are there?

We add and revise chapters on a regular basis. Our chapters are divided into successive laser-focused videos for you to build an incremental understanding of the chapter’s topic you study. There are 12 full-length chapters including more than 40 videos as of now.

You will have access to the following chapters:

    Chapter 01 – Idea stage tech and business competitions such as Startup creation events, Game jams And Hackathons

    Depending on the different startup creation competition organizers, different characteristics worth knowing may apply. Knowing those main differences will help you understand which one to target and with what goals in mind based on what they expect participants to achieve. It will help you optimize your chances to win an award, if not the first place, in these startup events, game jams or hackathon competitions!

    Chapter 02 – First-Day Pitch Session

    Idea stage business competitions allow each participant to pitch one idea if not more at the very beginning of the competition. It is your chance to turn that very idea that popped into your mind, into an entrepreneurial journey with other enthusiastic participants that you will rally to your vision!

    Chapter 03 – Initial Team Building

    One of the most significant challenge on a startup creation competition is to be able to build a team made of many people who often have never ever met before. Just because all of them resonate with the pitcher’s vision doesn’t mean that they are interacting as a team. It is why you need to take time for team building before doing anything else!

    Chapter 04 – First Business Draft (Idea, Vision, Team)

    After your idea has been selected and you had time to do some initial team building, you should draft a first version of the business idea your team can agree on. It is your first opportunity to lay out the basis for your team’s success!

    Chapter 05 – Customer Exploration (Identifying and validating customer segments and customer pains)

    It is unusual for a burning issue to be challenging for only one type of people. It is also uncommon for anybody to only face one kind of problem. Your business idea can address many customer segments and many pains, but you‘ll have to choose to solely focus on some of them in the business idea stage. It will ensure you understand your audience well enough to offer them what is relevant for them, when it is and to the extent it is!

    Chapter 06 – Solution, MockUp and or MVP (Defining a value proposition, making sure it fits the customers’ needs and then thinking of features to offer)

    You have already thought of both the customer segments and customer pains that should be the most profitable for your business. Besides, someone in your team is almost done with validating your hypothesis through various means as mentioned earlier. Well, now your team should start working on figuring out a practical and relevant solution to solve the burning issues you identified for your best customer segments.

    Chapter 07 – Business Model (Refining an overview of your business around your global value proposition)

    Every entity that aims at being at least self-sustaining, if not profitable, has to have a business model which could be seen as the overall business strategy. Many companies have had to pivot over the years, meaning that they had to change their business model. Yours will most definitely have to pivot too! Grasp the opportunity to explore one business model after another in your competition and ask your mentors for feedback about each of them!

    Chapter 08 – Competitor Analysis (Identifying and highlighting your competitive advantage(s) while refining your value proposition)

    Following the search for a solution and the alpha version of your business model in which your whole team was involved, you might want to ask one or two team members to dive in the competitor analysis. It will help ensure that you do not fall short if asked the following questions by the jury members: « What do you provide that Business A or Business B does not provide? », « What is your competitive advantage? », « What is your Unique Selling Proposition? » or « What is your firm’s Super Power? »

    Chapter 09 – Market Size And Financial Researches (Researching the size of the customer segments, projecting gross sales, estimating costs, and calculating projected income)

    In the business model that you should, by now, already have refined, you should have only focused on the qualitative aspect of the various revenue streams. Now is the time for part of your team to make an educated guess on how big your market is. It is the way for you to know how much money your business could potentially make!

    Chapter 10 – Final Competition Day Pitch

    On the last day of the competition, your team’s pitcher will try and impress the jury with what the team has come up with during the competition. It is essential that content and style come together! You‘ve been working on the business pitch‘s substance so far, so let‘s dive into the pitch‘s style!

    Chapter 11 – Workshop and Mentoring sessions (Asking more than talking, getting to know what to do next)

    Most of the idea stage business competitions provide participants with workshops or mentoring sessions. You should take the most out of those! It is a unique way for your business idea to be tested and refined over and over again, in a fraction of the time it would typically take, thanks to the feedback, suggestions, and warnings you will get!

    Chapter 12 – Judging Criteria

    It‘s great to have turned a business idea into a business model and to have created an impressive pitch, but to refine everything to its best, you have to know what your business idea and team will be evaluated upon! It is an opportunity for you to have a look at the other side of the competition and to know a bit more about what the jury members expect!

What if I can’t learn on a daily basis? Is there any pace to follow?

Learn whenever you feel like it! Log in from any device, whenever you have time to commit to studying! Follow your own schedule! That’s why TOPONIVO’s online courses are handy.

What They Say

As an #entrepreneur and #investor, I prioritize #construction and #collaboration – Reid #Hoffman

You have to #understand your own personal #DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve #Jobs or Mark #Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal #brand and stay true to it. – Gary #Vaynerchuk (#GaryVee)

I think #Amazon is the greatest #startup and the greatest #company in the #world. The way they are using new technologies is not just #disrupting retail, it’s getting ready to #disrupt everything. – Mark #Cuban
For me, the #winning #strategy in any #startup #business is, “Think big but start small.” – Carmen #Busquets
People at a #successful #startup are fanatically right about something those outside it have missed. – Peter #Thiel
Being a #startup has nothing to do with the numbers. It’s that everyone who works there has the chance to do everything and have an #impact. – Tobias #Lutke
The biggest #startup #successes – from Henry #Ford to Bill #Gates to Mark #Zuckerberg – were #pioneered by people from solidly middle-class backgrounds. They were hungry for #success, but knew they had a solid support #system to fall back on if they failed. – Eric #Ries
On Day One, a #startup is a faith-based #initiative built on guesses. – Steve #Blank

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